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Sky Blue Jelly - Neocaridina Live Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp -USA SELLER {1}
Sky Blue Jelly - Neocaridina Live Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp -USA SELLER {1}

Sky Blue Jelly - Neocaridina Live Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp -USA SELLER

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Sky Blue Jelly - Neocaridina Live Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp -USA SELLER

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Sky Blue Jelly - Neocaridina Live Tropical Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp -USA SELLER
FIRE RED CHERRY FRESHWATER NEOCARIDINA SHRIMPS Gender: Un-sexed Size: 1/4" - 1/2" Juvenile shrimpsHealthy and Active
These shrimps have been raising in tank with these water parameters. Raising them in same water condition will increase likelihood of them surviving and striving. We highly recommended this water parameters for shrimps.
pH 7.0 to 7.6 gH 7 - 15 kH 2 - 8 TDS 200 - 250 Temperature 72 - 78  Extra to cover DOA ( We don't issue the refund for the extra shrimp that we giving out for free of charge) Pack 10 always come 1-2 shrimps extra to cover DOA**Pack 20 always come 2-3 shrimps extra to cover DOA *** Pack 30 always come 3-4 shrimps extra to cover DOA **** Shipping DOA Policy Disclaimer
All package are packed with care &
Live Guarantee Arrival."
Shrimps will be alive up to 7 days without any food and with proper shipping and package. Over the course of 2 years re-homing shrimps, I hardly have any problem with shrimps being transport alive, except in same rare cases when the shipment is lost for a week or extreme weather.
Shipping and handling within 12-24 hrs.
Shrimps will be carefully package in an Styrofoam with proper insulation to ensure they can tolerate the temperature shift during the winter.
Shipping Schedule:
Monday - Livestock
Tuesday - Livestock
Wednesday - Livestock
Free 3-Day USPS priority with tracking number (Most package is deliver in 2 days).
Order placed after Wednesday 8:00am will be shipped out next Monday morning
Livestock (Freshwater shrimp and live plants) will be ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Shipping them out these day will eliminate the chance of the package will spend over night at the warehouse, therefore increase the chance of them arrival healthy significantly.
If the weather conditions is not allowed shipping the shrimps. I will discuss with you when the shrimps should be ship.
Every shipment is cover under our Guarantee Live Arrival policy.
We take loss, so our customer
doesn't have to."
Every package bought from us are covered under our Live Guarantee Arrival Policy.
In the even of any animal dead on arrival, please follow these step to submit your claim:
Take 3 clear pics of dead animal in the un-opened bag next to shipping label.
Send us message with clear descriptions what happen to the package to help us diagnose the problem.
Allow us up to 24 hrs to process with the claim.
Once the claim is approved, refund will be send to you based on the number of shrimps
Please note, in these circumstance, our DOA policy will be voided:
Package is unsuccessful deliver on the 1st attempt (We ship to confirm Paypal address, it's your responsibility to ensure the address is correct. Unable to deliver on 1st attempt, DOA will be voided.
Package is left outside for extended period of time during the extreme weather. (Once shipped, tracking number will be provided, it's your responsibility to take them inside as soon as they are delivered. If the package is left outside more than 3 hrs since the time of deliver, DOA will be voided.
Package is lost due to package thief (If this happens, please contact your local USPS to file a claim)
We process case by case, let us know your thoughts to help us process with the claims. Shrimps are very sensitive to change when it come to water in your tanks. Any immediate change can cause causality. While, we working our best to ensure the shrimps an easy transit and deliver them healthy to your front door. Once they are in your possessions, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:
to make sure your water parameter with our tank water parameter. We recommend to have water test kit ready at all time.
to make sure to drip acclimate the shrimps into your tank correctly. We suggest drip acclimate at least 1 hrs before putting them in your tank.
to make sure your water doesn't fluctuate too much during the day in their first 30 days.
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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Custom Bundle: No
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Gender: Breeding Pair
Modified Item: No
Seller Notes: “Always include extra shrimp to cover any DOA. Please see description for more details”
Species: Shrimp
Temperament: Peaceful
Water Temperature: Tropical
Water Type: Fresh
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