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Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {1}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {2}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {3}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {4}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {1}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {2}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {3}
Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V {4}

Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V

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Heating mat Reptile Incubator Terrarium Warm Heater pad Pet, 220V

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The price include:
Carbon-copper polymer film 220V,  warranty - 10 years;
Sealing and isolating tape Sika-Multiseal serve for insulating and fixing electric circuit connections and contacts - 5 cm;
If you want package with tracking number, it costs additional 3 USD!!! - please add 3 USD and you'll receive package with tracking number!!!
Delivery time to Europe countries ~ 7-22 working days;
Delivery time to other countries ~ 15-40 working days.
heating film with width 50cm is 110W/m;
heating film with width 80cm is 112W/m;
heating film with widht 30cm is 60-70W/m.
Wires not included!
Experience with these heating films already 11 years!
There have been no defects during 11 years!!!
You can buy any quantity (any other size) of the thermal film - if you need another quantity, please, write me.
If you buy more than 1m, you'll get a discount, but if you buy a roll of thermal film (100 m), you'll have a great discount!
This film is made in South Korea.
Technical Data:
Voltage: 220V
maximum power: 110W/m - 112W/m
Width: 50cm or 80cm
Cutting step: every 25cm
Thickness: 0.338mm
Warm-up temperature: ~ 40°-41° C degrees heating film with width 80cm and ~ 46°-48° C degrees heating film with width 50cm
Guarantee: 10 years
We offer HEATING FILM with 140W/m2, 220W/m2, 440W/m2, THERMOSTATS and PEPI REFLEKT POLY material, to find out the price - please, write.
Carbon-copper and polymer alloy films (only 0.3mm thick), integrated under floor surface, make floor in your apartment (bathroom, hall, nursery, terrace, balcony, etc.) a large radiator, heating of which uses electric power. Nothing else is needed but to maintain comfortable temperature (21-34 °C), but - if you want so, it can be higher! Your floor will always be warm and dry. Summer touch will be in your apartment longer than just a couple of months each year.
Unlike traditional heating types, where only air is being heated, which in turn heats objects and living beings in the room, long heat waves are not only heating the air, but affect living beings also directly, giving sense of warmth and comfort and also reaching therapeutic effect. Compared to other electric heating types, over 50% savings are reached. And use of a good thermal regulator increases this economy even more. 
Electronic floor is covered with polymer layer, which provides for flexibility and protects against minor mechanical damages.
Floor is not subject to corrosion, and polymer deterioration period is longer than that of concrete!
Electronic floor production technology provides protection against abstracted lodgers. Even if you will drive an axe into parquet, you will only be able to damage some square centimeters of the heating surface.
Electricity is safe!
Electric heating is one of the safest heating types. However, in order to guarantee your safety, better entrust electric connection to professional electrician. Definitely use only certified materials - carbon-copper-polymer films and thermal regulators. Special attention should be paid to the thermal regulator, which not only helps you save your finances significantly, but also defines electronic floor operation safety level. In order to make operation more convenient, use automatic fuse, which will make electronic floor connection/disconnection much easier, in case you will leave your apartment for longer time.
This thermal film you can use under laminated floors, ceramic covering, etc.
Electronic floor installation is very easy!
For example, Installation of electronic floor for laminate covering:
Floor base surface must be carefully cleaned from dust and other interfering objects;
Lay reflecting heat insulation material (Pepi Reflekt Poli, etc.) Material can be 3–6 mm thick, depending on evenness of prepared surface. To prevent displacement, material must be fixed on base surface and sheets must be fixed each to other with construction adhesive tape (Moment or other);
Lay carbon-copper polymer film sheets according to prepared layout. Recommended not to lay it closer than 10 cm to the walls. Recommended to lay film in longitudinal room direction, minimizing number of individual sheets, electric connection wires and their connections. Observe that upper side is that where graphite stripes overlay copper stripes on sheet edges, during laying. For uniform heating lay sheets as close to each other as possible,  preventing their overlapping, however. To prevent sheets from moving, they must be fixed with construction adhesive tape to reflecting material and between themselves;
Construct electrical connection of carbon-copper polymer film sheets. Sheets are connected to power supply (thermal regulator commutation unit) parallel – it means that two wires will connect commutation box with each sheet, if only interconnections were not created.  Recommended to use wires of two different colours, in order to make wire mating in communication box easier. A number of wire connection solutions are possible. First, clamps can be used, which must be pressed on wire end without insulation with flat pliers. Then clamp can be  rivetedto copper strip located on film edges. However, we recommend to solder  wires to copper strip by using temperature-resistant solder. Connection places must be carefully insulated with unvulcanized rubber or bitumen insulation tape
Sika MultiSeal, etc.) In the same way other ends of copper strips must be insulated, where wires are not connected. To make surface even, connection places may be submerged in reflecting material, located under carbon-copper polymer film, cutting out respective hollows in them. Floor temperature sensor must also be installed. Sensor must be placed under the film in such way, so that one of carbon (black) strips was above it. Sensor and its wire must be immersed in insulation covering and fixed with adhesive tape.  Carefully memorize sensor location place, as no objects may be located on the floor above it. Wire connections in commutation box, as well as thermal regulator connection (according to the scheme provided) should be executed by qualified electrician;
After examining the circuit, power supply must be connected. If film sheets don`t heat up, or don`t heat up uniformly, seek defect in electrical circuit;
Film sheets must be covered with moisture protection material, e.g., polyethylene film, in order to provide additional protection against moisture;
Start laying laminated floor.
In choosing laminated parquet seek some designations indicating that this laminated floor may be used with heated floors.  Laminated parquet should be kept unpacked at room temperature for at least one week. After laying adjust maximum floor temperature to max. 20 °C for few days, then gradually increase it, if necessary. Otherwise, if you will lay cold laminated parquet and rapidly increase its temperature, it will deform. As maximum temperature for laminated floors is recommended 29 °C, however, if laminated floor was glued, then higher temperatures will not damage it.  Placing objects on the floor will hinder heat exchange, cause rapid laminated parquet temperature rise and possible deformation.
Brand: Excel
Country/Region of Manufacture: Korea, Republic of
Model: Heating film
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